Hi all, sorry for the radio silence for the last couple months. Things have been a bit busy around the Tux n Tab office, but I will try and do a little better about updates in the future.

First the not-so-good news: I am going to be pushing back the release schedule for Recovery Quest until December 2015 instead of June 2015. There are just an absurd amount of things going on this year and I want the game to be something really amazing rather than something rushed.

Now for some good news. Joining the Tux n Tab Games team in an official capacity as game writer is my fiance, Aurora Pfefferkorn! She is a published academic writer and author of works of fantasy. Together we are going to be crafting a much more vibrant and living world for Recovery Quest. Already we are taking steps to make this happen.

After taking a week away from active development, I’m going to be adding a few interesting features to Recovery Quest that I think will add value to the experience.

Anyway, stick around for more development updates and eventually a demo or two.

-Blake DeBerto