Recovery Quest

Currently in development.  Will be released on Android and iOS platforms. Release date not yet decided.

Recovery Quest is a game about you.  It’s a game about balancing for a healthy life.  Combining elements of reality with unfolding gameplay, the momentum of your life drives your adventure.  Recovery Quest turns the strides you make to recover to a full and healthy life into steps on a quest in a world of fantasy.

Inspirations for this game have come from games such as Depression Quest, Frog Fractions, and Cookie Clicker, as well as my own struggles with getting my life on track.  My goal is to be able to provide an element of gamificaition to the process of recovery and the pursuit of wellness.  Recovery Quest isn’t meant for keeping track of others’ lives, as in checking to see that your child completed their math homework.  Recovery Quest is a tool and a game for the self.  The player determines what they value most and their struggle is their own.